Why Byteport?

Byteport is the IoT assistant. From development to full production environments - Byteport got you covered. You can manage and observe your devices during early testing as well as in the long run.

Byteport utilizes simple APIs, such as HTTP/HTTPs REST technologies in addition to high performance messaging protocols such STOMP to store and retrieve data.

Once your devices are connected, you can set up alarms telling you, by SMS or email if your device went off-line, or set up conditions to alert you depending on some data value, typical use-cases:

  • High memory consumption.
  • Low battery.
  • Too high or low temperature.

From the data stored you can build reports over longer periods or start advanced data analysis jobs - alerting you upon completion - Big Data at your fingers. Should you not find the analysis needs inside the Byteport service you can of course export the data in several popular formats, such as CSV, JSON or XML documents.


Byteport can be used to monitor and manage any kind of device, from embedded IoT devices to large server parks.


Users can make offline analyzes of the logged data or even upload algorithms that will do anything you want with your data.


Byteport can be used to build full-scale end-user applications, deployed either inside Byteport or built on the open services it provides.

See how it works

Watch how a user logs in, browses around and sets up the basics by creating a Namespace and a Device.


Pay only for what you use. We charge per daily connected device. Our free plan enables hobby or educational users to use Byteport for free indefinitely or professional developers to evaluate the product on a small scale even for a prolonged time.


- no strings attached!

Eligible for home, educational or proffessional evaluation.

  • 8 Devices in 2 namespaces
  • 4 data series per device on 5 minute interval
  • Superb device management
  • Offline and data alarm notices by Email
  • Daily status reports
  • Phone support
  • Big-data analysis tools

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